14 Apr

Kinou me n hubby watch a movie titled TAKEN…the main cast is Liam Neeson..the movie is about a father whose daughter been abducted…and he wants to find his daughter back.at first i thought the daughter must be a small girl…how wrong I was!the daughter is 17, and abducted while on holiday with her friend!she was captured and to be sold to rich people as prostitute…while being drugged!great action movie!very2 satisfied because liam neeson did not give any chance for the bad guys to live!hah!must be thinking what a cruel person i am …but if u put ur place in his…i think you will want to do the same too.Ithink if adek nurin father was special agent like liam neeson character he might do the same thing too…the most irritating part was when the ultimate bad guy was found he said to liam neeson

“i know how you feel..i have a daughter and a son too.but this is only business.it is not personal..” and he repeated it over n over to liam neeson.

HUH!!!sakit hati dengar.LUCKILY he was killed by the hero!manzoku do?..100%!!!


One Response to “TAKEN”

  1. mrslipan April 16, 2009 at 9:31 am #

    salam ain..kat cini rupenye dia..heheh
    how’s life?dah jd working mommy nih bz la ek?
    rindu nak tgk fareehah chan..nanti taruk gambar tau!

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