Honda Philosophy

27 Apr

Respect for the individuals…


No matter who you are..male or female,new comer or old worker,educated or not…those things does not matter…what really matters is what yo want to do..what you want to say…your opinion matters…human is similar but each of them has their own differences.

The three Joys (Joy of selling,buying,making)….very very long to explain all…as my CPO talk for 2 hours only for these three words…but it was a very inspirational talk…

Did you know that HONDA is the first company to make a jet that mount its engine on the wings…? Did you know why the HONDA uniform is white?….Did you know why their cap is green?Did you know in HONDA Japan new comer never do his own work for the first year because they have to do practical in the line? Did you know in Japan about 50,000~60,000 people to apply to work in HONDA but only about 500 got in?Did you know that Boon Siew HONDA CPO has 100 patent under him when he was young?(He is only he is not that old..) HONDA is indeed an interesting company…I am glad actually that i got into HONDA..even though it is not as glamourous as the CAR factory…

Always proceed with youthfulness and dreams..Its the dream that make your heart young…when you don’t have a dream…your hearts will slowly go old…when you have dream…you can do the impossible….

So…DO YOU HAVE DREAMS of your own…?I know I do…


2 Responses to “Honda Philosophy”

  1. Pocket April 27, 2009 at 3:43 pm #

    Honda kat mana tu dik?
    Kat sini ada kilang honda yek?
    peh, pocket kena check balik la gini.

    so will be updating your blog then.
    tak der lg ticklytum:)

  2. thepowerofdreams May 5, 2009 at 10:56 am #

    Kat exit permatang pauh, amek hala ke butterworth…kat ngan ampang jajar..ada..wat motorsikal punya..bukan kereta la…kilang dier kecik je..

    hopefully ada la masa nak update…hehehe..server ticklytum tu selalu down je bila nak update..tensen..

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