Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

19 Jul

harry potter

Have you seen this?I did!Idid!…Harry potter rocks!Wooohoooo…!I think the story was well captured considering the volume of the book.I did not expect it to be funnier though since in the book it is quite a dark and tense story…and it has lots of feeling in the book…but it brings out a little bit more of teen character and comedy this time.and ooh my the childrens have grown up really fast dont they..the hermione girl is ooo pretty.too bad harry potter does not grow tall enough as all the heroins looked taller than him..hehe…i felt the movie was worth my money.I wonder how are they going to make the movie finale..cause i heard it is splitted into two movie…

me n dear hubby got the chance to watch it because i went outstation that day (friday).So fareehah stayed at mak tuk house since on saturday they wanted to make barbeque and i was working on saturday…so after flight back,hubby got an idea for us to go dating at the cinema…hehehe…futari kiri de…luckily we did not bought the midnight ticket or i wont be able to wake up for work on saturday.


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