good news for me

7 Oct

today i took half day leave…one is to change money to yen for next week trip to kumamoto…another one is….jeng..jeng…jeng…!

to see O&G to confirm my pregnancy…currently about 6 weeks 5 days along…which is very very early..the baby measures only about 78 mm crown to rump..every thing looks good..and baby is in the far so good…except for the little bleeding i got this week (maybe due to hectic activity at work)…so dr makes 2 weeks from today for 2nd appointment…

currently no morning/evening sickness yet…(when pregnant with fareehah..vomit every evening after dinner…so i consider i had evening sickness..can aa like that?)…so still happily can enjoy mymeal..just  feel bit heart burn if eat too much

bye..fareehah already come to berebut keyboard with me!

mata ne!


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