Wish list

7 Dec

Benda-benda yang saya teriiingin sangat nak for my second baby….

1. Mei tai – brand yg glamer tuh ergo brand..but search around made in Malaysia product from SNUGGBABY sangat cun!dulu fareehah pakai pouch sling..also made in Malaysia product..still ok…tp mei tai nih sangat menawan hati..nampak sgt benri je to carry the..n the fabric pattern really funky!

2. Electric breat pump – I palnned to breastfeed this coming baby as long as I could same with my Fareehah. So I think need to pump at work too to make this work….currently is mayou nak beli Avent or Medela…which one better aaa

3. Cloth diapers – I read that cloth diaper actually saves you more comparing to uso the usual “pakai buang” diapers n its friendly to the earth too…still cannot decide which brand is OK?anybody has any suggestion…I saw one brand that look really comfy..cushie tushie?anyone knows?

4. Baby cot – I am not sure whether we should invest on this or not,since Fareehah did not really used the cot we borrowed from my brother last time…hmm…or should I buy the expandable bed we saw at IKEA for Fareehah (But still put it in our bedroom) and the coming baby to sleep with us on our bed?hmmmm….

This are the main 4 things on my mind…haaa…next time I’ll tell you the hands down list from fareehah baby time..

Ouh..did you know?i sew two pairs of nighties for Fareehah when I was pregnant with her..yet I totally forgot dress her with it…Had a feeling maybe the coming one would be a boy (but who knows?)..totally a waste..wasn’t it?


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