Welcoming 2010

7 Jan

Today marks 20 weeks of my pregnancy…n we have gone into the year of  2010…yeah2…a new year…so what?…do not have any particular new year resolution…how lazy of me right?hehehe…well at 20 weeks…i am not really huge..but will be as my appetite has come back!yeah baby!just had dinner…n i managed to eat a banana with some milk…n now thinking of eating vanilla ice cream after prayer…i don’t know how much i weigh right now due to my obgyn does not take my weight at all…but no worries…eat while i can..after baby comes out have to “pantang” some more…(not that i really follow the rules pon). Actually have my routine check ups this saturday…but guess what?our top management decided that we have to come on saturdays when they run production!urgggh!i hate working saturdays!less time for fareehah n hubby…so i changed my appointment to next week because i sooo wanted to attend my friends wedding (who was my roomate back in UM days)…she was there during my solemnization…n i  asked her to be my bridesmaid but..sadly change of plans last minutes…

i am hoping that during 21 weeks check up can ask my obgyn to check the gender of my baby…hehehe…(what! no suprise????)n have not yet pick any names…hehe…nak bg namaa apa yeee?

on another story….fareehah being so funny today…she was asking bibik to help her so she said

“Help me!Ayu lemmee…<i think help me in spanish> but bibik buat dek je….so she said some more “bibik..!tolong saya”….we laughed because fareehah even used 3 language to deliver her message…so hubby said must teach her “tasuketeeee” .Fareehah can understand only simple japanese words like dame,kawaii,akachan,atama,kuchi,mimi,hana n few more..if i talk to her in difficult japanese words she will ask me back “mama cakap apa nii?”…

Children are sooo cute!!!!


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