busy weekend

28 Mar

i am not a super mom, so most of the time i get busy when i had the mood to do things…hehehe….on saturday we had check up at 31st weeks…everything looks fine..baby is good, the amniotic liquid is ok,the heart beat is good…n baby is already turning down….hopefully adek won’t turn up again at last minutes…since last week keep feeling my stomach tightening…(ouch..!)…i forgot what it was..till i read my pregnancy book again…maybe i had started feeling the braxton hicks…nowadays feels very full…n experiencing backache worse than when  i was pregnant with fareehah…so its getting difficult to sleep…luckily fareehah do not kick me when she is sleeping anymore…hehehe…so after check up we head off to m.i.l house..had lunch and just lazying around….we left bibik at m.i.l house to have our “just the three of us quality time”…

today i get up late…so just made french toast for breakfast….after that we started cleaning our wardrobe…and rearranging all the things….then we went out for lunch at secret…because i really wanted to eat some cake…hehehe…actually wanted the black forest cheese cake…but already finished..so i just had choc banana cake instead…after that…we walked around.. buy some things…n dropped by krico to get 5 tier compartment for adek stuffs..then tapau some dinner and head back home.after that i arranged all adek stuff (with the help of my little princess fareehah)..in the compartment…so all adek’s stuff is ready…even adek hospital bag are packed ready to go!…we just realized that most of fareehah’s pink baby clothes were presents from other people…hahaha…usually when i bought her baby clothes i chose unisex colors such as orange,green,whites,yellow…it was when we stayed at UK that fareehah started to have more pink clothes…beacause very difficult to look for cheap clothes for girls which are not pink!

anyways…just finished with all the rearranging just now…so maybe next week i can restart sewing adek barut n beddings again….too tired tonite…hopefully can get it done on time!since we did not get much new things for adek…all are recycled from fareehah’s baby times…so at least these are the new ones for adek!

since fareehah watched the princess and the frog cartoon movie she keep telling us that her name is princess fareehah..hahaha..n she always wanted to wear skirts and gowns at home and twirl around like a pricess…but when she pants and we called her princess she will said that she  is not because today she is wearing pants!so cute…alamak..the little princess already meragam..! so nite-nite!

adek ganbatte ne!another 60 days to till we meet you!


2 Responses to “busy weekend”

  1. mysara April 5, 2010 at 11:52 am #

    k.ain, dah siap junbi utk adek? hayai ne..toiuka, ii ne.. mai dah nak masuk 35weeks, baru korek2 balik baju rayyan,itu pon sbb maid rajin nk tolong…kalau ikutkan mai,sampai bb kuar blom tentu settle… beg hosp pon xready lagi…hehehe… penyakit malas mmg kronik time2 camni…

  2. honeyvaio April 5, 2010 at 4:59 pm #

    hehehe…memang malas…tp tunggu…makin besar perut makin malas plak…buat la siap2..yg tak larat soh bibik bereskan je…

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