The penguin walk

7 Apr

Have you seen in discovery channel or animal planet perhaps, how a penguin walks?cute right..? yet not so cute when a very pregnant lady with puffy face,arm and legs…with super round belly walk like that…!hehehe…i think i have started to walk the penguin walk…looking not as cute as the penguin of course..! recently started to get the leg cramps at night too..and swollen feet and arms…and sometimes i feel my legs numb…i was like…”how come i got all these symptoms faster!!!?” or “oh my!i cannot see my feet anymore when i stand!have i become so big?????””…then i realized that maybe it is normal for 2nd time pregnancy to have all the uncomfortable stage faster…hehehe…

at factory whenever  i saw suppliers staff who knows me, they kept saying…not yet BOOM?…do i look so big that they think i am supposed to have my labour….hehehe…fareehah was born 38++ weeks…so if adek almost same as fareehah i have another 5 weeks to go…hummm…

I still remember how fareehah was born as if it was yesterday…thinking about it sometimes makes my bulu roma meremang…and i am feeling sooo scared….so please pray for me friends!…i really do not want to use any medication this time as from my experience the epidural (doktor tipu!) does make labour longer!n having it at minimum level…is feeling the pain yet do not know when to push…n it makes me unable to forget when the doctor were stitching me back down there…can feel the needle pricking you…n counting the stitches along…n thinking…so many stitches???scary huh?

i pray that this time it will be easier….


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