Wanting to sew…

30 Apr

Since I started to sew…I find this activity is very comforting and satisfying for me…yesterday was thinking to sew some more…but i felt sooo tired that at last I just went to sleep early with my dear Fareehah.I had a few things in mind to sew…but I kept thinking…ayooo…not enough time…not enough energy….

Yesterday we had our 36 weeks check up with Dr Fawziah….every thing looks good…she even said that adek still have room to grow!aaaa…!adek have turned down since 24 weeks…and engaged ( only a little ) since 34 weeks…but not much progress other than me feeling really heavy and having the needs to pee every now and then…thinking how to walk more at work place so that adek can engage lower…and faster…hehehe…4 weeks from now to get to 40 weeks seems sooo far away when you can already feel the baby head pressing on your bladder…!


2 Responses to “Wanting to sew…”

  1. Pocket April 30, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    dik bukan orang tua tua kata tak leh menjahit ker masa mem’bawak’
    memang la cerita nyer kang jari polidaktil lah,
    jari ber sambung lah…

    tp recent study shows that ibu mengandung kalau terluka
    susah nak heal.. n somehow tak leh nak concentrate sangat
    so senang jer jarum tu nak tecucuk perut (?)

    takkan la nak tecucuk perut kan… tp?

    • honeyvaio May 6, 2010 at 8:40 am #

      ye ke…ingat time dalam pantang jer org tak bagi menjahit…kesian la org yg keje jd tukang jahit ek…hehehe…ain pakai mesin jahit ok kot…hehehe…(ayat2 nak menjahit jugak..)

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