Firas & jaundice

24 May

Both my daughter n son got jaundice as soon as they were born…so i thought make some notes here for future..
…so what is jaundice ?….
it refers to to yellow color of skin n eyes due to excess bilirubin in blood.bilirubin is produced when body breaks down the blood cells. for newborns, they break down the blood cells of fetus to change it to baby blood cells. on normal condition the bilirubin is passed to intestines and out of body through pee n stool.sometimes the body could not get rid of the bilirubin as fast as the body breaks the blood cells to produce the bilirubin..they are many types of jaundice…
1. normal jaundice that happens due to immature condition of liver to process the bilirubin.
2. premature jaundice…happens to prematured babies
3. breastfeeding babies…happens not because of milk, but not enough feeding to the baby usually when mummy’s milk not yet comes in.
4. breast milk jaundice…which happens when they are substance that makes up the milk that change the way body process the bilirubin..(this usually why doctors does not encourage eating jamu or “panas” food during early days after delivery)
5. blood group incompability…when blood type of mother n baby different sometimes mummy made some antibody against baby…(might be the case with fareehah)

with Firas…he was born with already high excess of bilirubin in his blood i think,due to doctor’s comment that he was too “red” when he was born…i just keep giving him breast milk every 2 hours ++  n quit all the halia n black peppers food…even quit taking goat’s milk…n just stick to soy bean milk….the recovery was quite slow, but today doctor said no need to worry…just make sure he passed his stool n pee…n does not look too tired…still high…but in recovery…no need to get i guess it is good news for us!

some people swear by giving baths with pearl powder,some even give the baby water mixed with pearl powder,some give the baby sengkuang cina juice,kundur juice,goat milk…n some other weird stuff to the baby…its up to the parents to try…but i am scared to give those stuffs directly to my baby…i do not know yet if my baby will give bad reactions or have allergies to this stuff…so i just fed him with breast milk…the most natural food to the baby.alhamdulillah, he looks better these few days….i wonder if our modern ways of eating caused many babies nowadays to have jaundice…my mother said all 4 of us does not get it…yet both my children have it…too much chemicals in our food maybe?


2 Responses to “Firas & jaundice”

  1. mysara May 26, 2010 at 12:57 pm #

    sama la kita..dua babies kena rifqi kurang sket..mai pon keep bf dia every 2hours walaupon susah benor nk suruh dia menyusu bila dia tgh nyenyak tido…alhamdulillah,skg dah ok 🙂 firas kun, hayaku genki ni natte ne!

    • honeyvaio May 26, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

      tu lah…tp skrg tak ikut sgt dua jam tu..sbb mmg dia jaga bila kencing..sbb pakaikan kain lampin biasa je biar dia rasa basah n bangun…hehe..harap2 next week cek turun lebih byk…amin…

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