Writing practice…

15 Jun

What a title for a blog posting,right?Just think that i need to practice to use more structural and proper grammar in my postings.So this posting is a reminder for future me. ( I sound just like Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother! )

Preparing for motherhood : Its positive.Now what?

(All the writings are not based on professional advice,just my shallow experience in motherhood)

So, my piriod is late,but I feel totally healthy and cheerful.How long should I head off to the nearest pharmacy to do a self urine test?For me, the sooner the better!Why?So that you can take care of yourself better earlier.If its negative you can always check back a few days later if your piriod still not coming.If positive, do a mind check of your daily food intake,daily work routine.You are trying to grow a human in your belly,and it is not the easiest task around!

Am I taking enough nutritious food for me and my baby?

If you think yes,good for you.But I think most people do not take the recommended nutrition enough for the baby and their ownself. How many people drink 2 glass of milk everyday?Maybe you did, but not me.The top that I took only a glass a day.I read somewhere that for building our baby’s bone,if the supplement from our food is not enough,the calcium will be taken from your bones!If you do not supply enough protein to your baby in your food, it will take from your body storage too. Guess where it takes the protein from? The brain! Where all the good protein are stored. Scary right? (No wonder I think my brain is slower after pregnancy.)So if you cannot get the nutrition needed for growing your baby in its natural form, take some supplements may it be in pills and medication form, or other herbs in non chemical-medicine form (but please confirm with your doctor it is safe to do so first!). Do it for your baby. Some people are recommended to drink the maternity milk like anmum, if you are those people please try to drink if you can.Some people afraid it might make their baby big, but I do not know if its true or not. Some people even does not want to take the multivitamin supplied from their doctor for the same reason. But I think multivitamin does not make your baby big! Because both my children are in just nice size at born, but maybe its just me.

Where to go for check ups?

It depends on you and of course your pocket! Government clinic and hospital are good enough I think. I went to private hospitals for both my children and had O&G specialist every checkups. I feel satisfied with that because I am a person who ask a lot if anything concerns me. Usually my O&G take their time to explain in details for any matters in my concern.For my first child I had chickenpox at very early stage (5weeks). The general practitioner could not make a decision so she referred my to her known O&G at DEMC.We discussed all the option,(if baby not strong,I would have a miscarriage,or deliver a badly dysfunctional child although the possibilities are very low) all the possibilities that might happened,the good and the bad. Our families even asked us to consider abortion,but I could not just do that! After thorough discussion with our O&G we asked her opinion, and we trusted her. We are forever thankful to her for that. I had a series of bleeding through my 1st pregnancy and had a bad sprain on my hip during 2 nd pregnancy, and my doctors are calm and helpful to ease my mind. For my 2nd pregnancy I even had good discussion with my O&G how I liked my delivery to be. I could say I am very happy with my doctors despite of their different ways.

What else?

— Well, for me digging into a lot of information of pregnancy helps a lot! Knowledge always a good thing right!

— No pushing yourself too hard. Stress is not good for the baby.

— Be careful. Rest while you can. ( I felt really sleepy during my first trimester.Too bad I was working,could not take afternoon naps! So I went to bed early whenever I can)

(Will continue more..my brain seems to have stopped working right now)

Mengidam, does it really exist?

Some people said they get it,but for both my pregnancies I did not mengidam. Even if I felt wanting to eat something, its just the usual food that can get anywhere any time. Even if i want some something,and if I cannot have it then I was OK getting it later. So i do not really know what all the fuss is about, or did I have really good self control? Anyone can explain to me about mengidam?

Tired to type already.Maybe I will continue another time.


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