What’s up?

1 Oct

Recently whenever I meet up with friends and families they will sure be asking where do I work now..so my friends, I am currently working in an air filtration manufacturing company at subang jaya industrial area just beside Sunway Pyramid…very near..but have never set my foot there…next time can ask my cousin to lunch together there!…yes still a minah kilang…and still QA…one day I will get out of this “kilang kepompong”…when our financial is secured enough..and do things that I like….and maybe open a very small family based business…who knows where the future might take me..right?

Well the company is small…about 60 employees only…working 8-6 everyday..no working saturday!All of my colleagues are Chinese (the staff) and indian girl (very cute one too!)…well..since it is a newly established company, I am the QA who plays the role of incoming,outgoing,final inspection,process qc,customer service….anything related to Quality…!Lucky the company is still small so can handle it quite well..so…i guess it answers all the question..?the salary?OK la…enough to make a living here…

p/s : anyone knows where i can get snap prong button refills?


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