little updates on my little angels

8 Oct

quite soo long not updating stories of my babies…so busy sewing for them…n busy weekends…so what is new with my fareehah n firas…

well, firas is turning 5 months next week!hoorei…!so now he busied himself by rolling all over the living room…hahaha…sooo cute!even the baby sitter at taska said that firas is the most active of all the babies..if you do not keep track of him, you will suddenly find he is at the corner of the room trying to roll over towards the wall or stuck his legs under the cot!

did i mentioned that he fell of the bed due to too much rolling?we put pillows on the bed edge to prevent him from falling, yet he (my strong boy!) pushed the pillow with his body and fell down with the pillow! i heard he cried out (washing dishes that time)..and rushed to the room.found he was on the pillow facing down.i picked him up, and you know what? he grinned at me!(i was about to have heart attack…grrr!cheeky boy!)…after that we take off the bed frame, so now we are sleeping japanese style!hehehehe….(fareehah also sleep the japanese style in her room!)

his #2 hobby now is shrieking,and bubbling..trying to say aaabah…but the closest he comes out is “aaavwaaa”…he shrieks a lot when he is sleepy…i think he now knows i’m her mama because if he have balance milk he refused to have the bottle if i am already home..he will make muka merajuk and cry..(aaa…so cute!)

fareehah?she loves her “school” now because she has lot of friends!..everyday she will tell me she went to school and played with her friends…she loves to pack her snacks to school so that she can shares it with her friends!it started when i packed her a few kuih raya to the nursery…so the next day and on she asked to pack something to bring to school…yesterday she asked if she can pack her books to bring there!..i see some improvement on her hand drawing…last time she only draws people head…yesterday she drew everyone of us heads,legs,hand,body complete with eyaes and all…and actually loke cute!i will take pictures tomorrow!..i was feeling…my baby is slowly turning into a big girl…she is soo excted when i tied her hair..because she said she looks like princess tiana the pricess frog!haaa…she has lots to say nowadays!luv u soo much fareehah! =)

p/s : i have new job another job change for me..a new field…but also at factory la…


2 Responses to “little updates on my little angels”

  1. nurat October 8, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

    cute nyer anak2mu…huhu… nanti kerja mana?

    • ain October 9, 2010 at 1:43 am #

      kat senju…dekat ngan proton tu jugak..

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