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Free amy butler bag pattern!

6 Oct

this bag look sooooo awesome…!!! Can anyone pleeaaase sew this for me…anyone…anyone….go here for the free pattern!


Happy birthday hubby

17 Jun

Today is hubby’s birthday!..Happy birthday…!Muahs!
Fareehah birthday on April,Firas on May,hubby on June!…next year i might have to prepare 3 birthday presents in advance!..

this year gave hubby a handmade pencil case…100% made with love!..tried to choose fabric that will look cute but not too girlish…but he said he loved it!yey!

pencil case

can even put post it! in the pencil case!

pencil case 2

comey tak???

tak bole tido

6 Sep

tak bole tido…keep thinking about work…yet no mood to do work stuff at home…internal conflict betul…keep thinking how to learn faster at work…urggghhh…

tido la…


9 Jun

What do you do when you feel tension rising up in ur workplace?
How do you feel when u feel you are trying ur best yet other people do not think so?How do you feel when u feel that we already helped so much,yet other people expect u to do it eventhough it is not ur job..?

i think i will be a very strict person now on (at work)..other people will be sorry when they see this side of me.

Urgghh…i hate this feeling…

Faces of fareehah

24 May

As promised, ENJOY…!

birthday girl